Wednesday, July 30, 2014

It is goggle-time...

Go and visit and you see that everything is better with goggles :)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Half the world

Half the world lives,
Half the world makes,
Half the world gives
While the other half takes.

Half the world hates,
Half the world runs away,
Half the world's late,
Half the world praises the day.

Half the world is,
Half the world was,
Half the world thinks,
Half the world does.

Half the world lies,
Half the world burns,
Half the world cries
While the other half turns.

Half the world cares,
Half the world weeps,
Half the world shares,
Half the world keeps.

Half the world sings,
Half the world laughs,
Half the world brings,
Half the world tries to be the other half.




When this all did happend? When this all became so difficult? WTH.....

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Nightsky


Deep, dark monsoon clouds
Like the anger in your eyes
Dissolves in tears.

Waiting for a dawn

Windows like eyes,
mirrors of soul.
Staring empty into the distance,
waiting for a dawn.
                                        AS, 2007


Thoughts are like seeds of Dandelion.
Flying, whirling playfully with the wind.
Far, far away.
                                                 AS 2007


Monday, December 19, 2011

What a day...

There is allmost a year when I got my diagnosis of Meniere's disease. Little by little I have learn to live with it. But to make sure that my life won't be too easy and comfortable Lady Destiny decided to increase a little evil twist. Today doctor told me that I have a something in my pituitary... So there I am waiting another diagnosis :)

Tänään tulee melkein vuosi Meniere diagnoosistani. Kuluneen vuoden aikana olen pikku hiljaa opetellut tulemaan toimeen sairauteni kanssa. Jotta elämäni ei olisi liian helppoa ja mukavaa kohtalo lisäsi pienen ja sarkastisen lisän. Sain tänään tietää, että aivolisäkkeessäni on muutos jota pitää tutkia lähemmin.. eli uutta diagnoosia odotellessa :)